Did you miss me?

Sunday, March 10, 2013
5:42 pm

I actually started a blog in the middle of the week, but had to walk away before I finished it. The next day, it was like the leftovers that are most definitely NOT better the next day. It sounded stale and didn't light my fire, so it went into the virtual trash heap. This week both dragged on and on, and seemed crammed full of activity. So I'm taking a few minutes while our Sunday evening pizza is baking to scribble some thoughts to you. This may be a bit of a rambler as I wander down a few rabbit trails. I hope you're okay with that.

We have had two fires in our backyard fire pit this week. The best time of year in Florida is coming to a close in the next month or two, so I enjoyed the cool dry days, sitting outside, feeding my inner pyromaniac. There's just nothing like breathing fresh air, assuming you're not downwind of the smoke, and listening to the crackle of a good fire. It is a living thing, and I fed it well and tended it to make it last as long as I could before we doused it with the hose and went inside long after dark.

I was reminded this week of the goodness of God and how He's got my back. I am completing my thirteenth year in education, and for seven of those years I was a Media Specialist. I don't have my masters in Library and Information Science, but I do have my educational certification in English, grades 6-12 and Educational Media Specialist (MS), grades preK-12. I spent those seven years doing everything from ordering and maintaining multimedia equipment, ordering print and non-print materials, teaching students and colleagues, and assisting administration with projects, inventories, meetings, etc. A couple years ago our district reduced the number of MSs by cutting elementary schools to half-time positions. Each elementary MS retained at that point had two schools' media centers/libraries to run. Well, an announcement was made by our new district superintendent this week that all MS positions will be cut at the end of this school year. Most people in those positions have additional certifications like I do, so district will attempt to find other positions for them to fill within the classroom. Those who do not have additional certifications, and those for whom equitable positions cannot be secured, will be out of work. Back to the goodness of God . . .

Early last August, I saw a posting for an English teaching position in Cyesis (the pregnant teen/teen parent program) at a school near me. I had thought a number of times over the years about teaching in this program because I thought I'd be a good fit for it. I'm a mom, and I am compassionate, but I don't tolerate excuses. I could show care and concern to the students without taking their crap. I thought, I'll put my name in and see what happens, since the thought of doing the same thing for another year had me miserable. Within about 3 days, I had an interview, was offered the job, and had notified my principal I'd be transferring. I told my husband this week that at the time, I was almost overwhelmed with how quickly it happened and how little I actually had to do with it. It left me spinning and wondering, what just happened?  It wasn't until this week that I realized God had moved me out of a position that would be ending, and into a position with more security. Had I not made the move back to the classroom this year, I would have found out this week that I was losing my job.

Yet another rabbit trail: Just two more weeks until spring break, and a nine days off! On Thursday and Friday preceding Easter, my brothers and their wives and two of my nieces are flying down for a week. I'm excited to have everyone here. They all did this two years ago, and they're renting the same house they had last time. It's a great place to hang out together and visit. Though I am back to work the week they're here, I'm taking a few extra days off to spend with my family. I have a wonderful administrator who believes (as do I) that family comes first. So, I'm looking forward to that!

Immediately after spring break, we dive into the last quarter of the school year. I'm always in a bit of a panic at this point thinking, there's so much to get done and only so much time to do it. But somehow it always comes together, and by the time June rolls in, students and teachers alike are more than ready for summer and time off. I'm not sure yet if we'll travel this summer, or if I'll go north by myself. I do love getting out of Florida's heat and humidity and heading home when I'm free from school. At least I know the end of the year is coming, and for now that's enough.

I think I've rambled on long enough. I hope you all have a wonderful week. I haven't stopped posting about my health and weight loss, but sometimes it's nice to simple chat about life. Believe it or not, I've missed you, my virtual friends. I have missed writing and sharing my life with you. Hopefully this week will allow me more opportunities to drop a line or two.

Until next time . . .


  1. I enjoy rambling down the rabbit trails with you. You are a writer as well as a teacher too! Keep up the great stories and thoughts.

  2. And you're an encourager! The world needs us all to fill that roll. :)