A Wonderful Reprieve

One of the definitions of the word Reprieve is this: a temporary escape from an undesirable fate or unpleasant situation. The past 3 days have provided me just that. A temporary escape from my job, and in exchange I spent days filled with hugs, kisses, and sweet baby smiles. There were also poopy diapers and baby angst when Spencer was hungry or gassy or sleepy. But what a joy, what a gift to have had 3 days during which my primary task was the care and welfare of my little man.

I'm digging this grandmother gig. It is every bit as fun as we're told it will be. We get to love on these charming children, and return them to their parents for the responsibility of rearing. Granted there are far too many grandparents who, for myriad reasons, have taken or been given the task of raising their children's children. Often they are saving their grandbabies from homelessness, loveless childhoods, or, growing up in a series of foster homes. God bless them! I'm more thankful than I can say that my grandsons are surrounded by loving parents and extended family who will protect and nurture them.

I don't get to spend as much time with all my grandsons as I do with Spencer. Grandson (GS) #1 is almost 6 years old and in school now, so much of his time is spoken for. Plus GS #1 as well as GS#2 and GS#3 all live about 30-40 minutes drive from us. There's little opportunity to just drop by. GS #4 (Spencer) lives smack dab at the midpoint of my drive between home and work, making it easy to stop each day on my way home for some cuddle time. I wish I had more of that with the other 3 boys. I assure you I am very grateful for what I do get.

If raising my own crop of kids has taught me anything it's that childhood will zoom past in a blur, and we cannot recapture any of it. We must savor it while it lies in our hands and smiles into our faces. So, while the past 3 days were not spent on a sandy beach or a snowy slope, it was every bit a vacation for me. Mothering was and is the most profound experience of my life. Grandmothering is a pretty close and equally wonderful second!

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