Let's Try This Again

December 28, 2012
8:33 pm

Confession: I forgot I started a blog. No. I knew I had started a blog or blogs in recent years, but I forgot I started this blog last year and that I could still access it. So here I am, and here's what I've been up to . . . 
  • I am no longer a school media specialist after seven years in that role. I went back into the classroom this past August, teaching English in a dropout prevention program specifically for pregnant teens and teen parents. I am very glad to be out of the media center and back with kids, though I am more certain than ever that my tenure in education will not continue ad infinitum. I'm ready for a change and I'm on the lookout for what that might be.
  • Our grandsons have been growing like little boys do, fast and fabulous! Tristan is six and a half, in first grade, and smart as a whip. It's fun to have complex conversations with him and listen to him read or hear him belly laugh when his grandpa or uncle fart in front of him. Jacob is seventeen months old and playing and talking up a storm. Greyson is fifteen months old and when he smiles, his deep dimples and big eyes light up a room. Spencer just turned one on December 23rd and like his cousins, he's walking all over the place and talking his precious baby talk. He's quick to smile and I still love the moments, however rare, when he'll sleep in my arms. Those are few and far between now; he's on the go nonstop.
The bane of my existence continues to be my weight. I'm determined to make peace with my body this year. At the age of fifty-three experts would tell me how difficult it will be to lose weight. But I have decided the following: if God can't help me overcome this, then it can't be overcome. There are as many experts as there are opinions on how best to lose weight and eat/live healthy. And listening to every opinion can be confusing indeed. Raw. Paleo. Vegetarian. Vegan. High carb/low fat. High protein/low carb. And every plan touts the science to back it up. How about balance? I'm going to pray and seek wisdom. I'm going to listen to the voice of God as He speaks to my heart and leads me down the best path for my life, because I believe He wants me to live a healthy, fulfilling life, and He knows my body better than I do or my doctor does. He knows me because He made me. So He will show me how to change my body. 

I hadn't thought about it until just this moment, but I suppose if I am to make a New Year's Resolution, it will be this: I will make myself accountable to blog about my journey, if for no other reason than to have someone or something to answer to. I won't make this public knowledge for a while though. My track record is less than stellar when it comes to consistency. Case in point: this blog. Need I say more? 

If you happen upon my words, please wish me well. The motivation to change and progress forward must come from within, but encouragement from outside sources is certainly good for the soul. Until next time . . .

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